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Have you been arrested and charged with an assault or battery? Contact the criminal lawyers in Montgomery County, PA who can provide you with the representation you deserve when it comes to your case. Attorney Basil Beck invites you to call his office at 610-239-8870 to discuss the details of your case during a free consultation.

Criminal assault in Montgomery County, PA is considered to be a violent crime and comes with serious penalties if you plead guilty or are convicted. You may have been told that pleading guilty to the charges will make the problem go away, but that’s not very often the case, if ever. Don’t tarnish your record with a conviction, call the best criminal lawyers in Montgomery County, PA at 610-239-8870.

It’s unfortunate that assault charges are not always restricted to persons who attack other people for little or no reason. During domestic disputes and public fights, it can be the person who was not even responsible for starting the fight that is charged with assault. There are also cases where innocent parties are attacked by another driver during a road rage incident or are attacked in public and are simply defending themselves.

Police often arrive at the scene of an incident long after the fight has started or ended. Prejudiced onlookers, angry spouses, partners or friends can wrongly convince police officers to arrest innocent or unwilling participants. In the state of Pennsylvania, a simple assault is considered a misdemeanor crime and can carry penalties that can range from up to one year in prison to up to five years in prison. Aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon can carry penalties ranging from up to 10 years to up to 20 years in prison.

Attorney Basil Beck will work hard to find evidence which supports your innocence and create the necessary reasonable doubt needed to convince the court that you are not guilty of assault or battery. No other criminal lawyers in Montgomery County, PA will work has hard for you to review police reports and eyewitness statements, bringing in private investigators when necessary to determine what others really saw and locate solid evidence that supports your version of what happened.

If you need the assistance of an attorney to right allegations of domestic assault and abuse, call on Attorney Basil Beck. It’s often the case that a spouse or live-in partner will attempt to have their partner removed from the home by claiming they were hit or threatened. Police rarely investigate assault charges; instead, they simply remove the alleged from the premises and let the judge sort out the details of the matter.

The most diligent criminal lawyers in Montgomery County, PA will work hard to have allegations recanted that are false. To contact the Law Office of Basil Beck, call 610-239-8870. You’ll benefit from his years of experience and skill as a criminal defense attorney. Visit to learn more about his practice.

Criminal Lawyers Montgomery County Pa
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