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If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Montgomery County, PA, make your first call to the Law Offices of Basil Beck. As an experienced lawyer representing clients throughout Montgomery, Chester, Bucks, Delaware and Philadelphia counties, Basil Beck offers a free confidential consultation to determine whether he can offer the right representation to your case.

Having spent the past 20 years defending those charged with crimes locally, Attorney Beck takes cases with the prime goal of winning your case at trial, or, when guilt is not in question, achieving the kind of results his clients are looking for. As a criminal lawyer in Montgomery County, PA, Basil beck takes cases that include:

- Theft offenses of all kinds, including robbery, burglary, forgery, identity theft, unlawful taking, employee theft and shoplifting.
- Drunk driving including DUI and DQI
- Drug charges that include manufacture, possession, and possession with intent to distribute
- Assault charges that include aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and simple assault
- Gun-related charges
- Rape and sexual assault
- Murder and manslaughter
- Juvenile matters
- Violation of probation

For experienced, aggressive criminal defense, contact the only lawyer in Montgomery County, PA who has the skill and knowledge it takes to ensure favorable results with your case. There are numerous benefits when you hire an attorney who is experienced; a few of these include:

- The skill and knowledge that come from years of defending clients in court result in being able to build a strong and firm case for the defendant. You’ll find Basil beck to be well-equipped to examine the facts and evidence surrounding your case and provide the legal representation you deserve.

- No one knows the criminal law system like an experience criminal lawyer. Montgomery County, PA has no shortage of attorneys. Be sure you hire one who knows what he is up against.

- Whether you have been falsely accused of a crime or are looking to get the most favorable results possible when guilt is not in question, your attorney can protect you against harsh or heavy penalties or unfair sentencing.

- Hiring a lawyer promptly can ensure that you quickly take action with regard to the charges against you, for the highest success rate possible. It’s no secret that the prosecuting attorney will be building a case against you. Hire the criminal lawyer in Montgomery County, PA who can offer immediate action on your case.

- An attorney on your side will protect you against intimidation tactics that can result in making uninformed or hasty decisions that negatively impact your case. Make sure all of the decisions surrounding your case pass through legal counsel.

Call the Law Offices of Basil Beck at 610-239-8870 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. There is no better criminal lawyer in Montgomery County, PA to represent you. Attorney Beck handles each and every case that comes in to his office personally, and while he will not sugarcoat your circumstances, he will work hard to educate you regarding the areas of the law that are important to your case, keeping you informed every step of the way.  Criminal Lawyer Montgomery County Pa
The Law Offices of Basil D. Beck III
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