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Are you looking for the best criminal defense lawyers in all of Montgomery County, PA? If you’re facing a criminal assault or battery charge related to some type of disagreement with a member of your family, a friend or a neighbor, or have been arrested for assault or domestic abuse related to a fight with your spouse of partner, you’re going to need a Montgomery County assault lawyer who knows the law.

Assault is considered a violent crime in Montgomery County, PA; if you plead guilty to the charges or are convicted or assault or battery, you will face serious penalties. While it can be tempting to think that pleading guilty to the charges will make the problem go away, the fact is that it won’t. Your problems will only just be beginning if you plead guilty before speaking with qualified criminal defense lawyers in Montgomery County, PA.

Instead of damaging your record with a criminal conviction related to assault, contact Attorney Basil Beck at 610-239-8870. Attorney Beck will be happy to provide you with a free confidential case evaluation with regard to your case. As a highly experienced assault lawyer, Basil Beck knows how to defend you against assault charges and weapons crimes. The local community recognizes Basil beck as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Montgomery County, PA- and for good reason.

Hiring Attorney Beck for your defense attorney ensures that you will have professional representation in your corner, working hard to protect your rights and your freedom, as well as helping you avoid turning a difficult situation into something that is even worse.

Assault charges in the state of Pennsylvania are a bit different from those in other parts of the country. For example, in Montgomery County, assault charges are not restricted to those who blatantly attack other people for no reasons. The fact is that you could be charged with assault if you are in a domestic dispute, a school fight or a bar-room brawl, even if you were simply in the process of defending yourself.

Part of the problem is that police often arrive on the scene of a fight or dispute long after it has started, or ended, leaving angry spouses, partners or onlookers to provide misinformation with regard to the scene. This actually happens all the time. A simple assault in the state of Pennsylvania is a misdemeanor crime, with penalties that can range from up to 1 year in prison to up to 5 years in prison, depending on the circumstances.

Attorney Basil Beck will work to find evidence that supports your innocence and creates the reasonable doubt necessary to protect your freedom. As one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Montgomery County, PA, Basil Beck will carefully review all police records and eyewitness statements, working with private investigators if necessary to find evidence that supports your version of the facts.

If you’re facing assault or battery charges, contact Attorney Beck today by calling 610-239-8870 to speak with counsel and schedule a free consultation. You’ll be glad you made the call. Criminal Defense Lawyers Montgomery County Pa
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