Best Criminal Lawyer Montgomery County PA

Best Criminal Lawyer Montgomery County PA

Criminal Robbery Defense Attorney

Call the best criminal lawyer in Montgomery County, PA if you’re facing robbery charges. You don’t have any time to waste when it comes to securing legal representation that will make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Both robbery and burglary offenses are considered serious crimes involving theft. Robbery, or burglary, is a theft crime that carries with it the additional element of force. So often is the case that the defendant is overcharged where the ‘force’ has been fabricated by police officers, resulting in trumped up charges that leave the defendant in serious trouble.

Defense Attorney in Theft and Robbery

Attorney Basil Beck has extensive experience handling complex criminal matters and challenging cases surrounding robbery and burglary. Through his expertise and knowledge, Attorney Beck can effectively defend your rights and work to minimize the penalties involved in your case. It’s essential that you call an attorney as soon as possible to retain experienced, strategic and aggressive advocacy when it comes to protecting your rights.

Robbery cases are unique under the law and require a substantial amount of investigative action on the part of both the prosecution and the defense. You simply cannot afford to allow just any lawyer to handle your case. The Law Office of Basil Beck will begin an immediate investigation into the details of your case, collecting and preserving evidence that may include video surveillance, witness statements and police reports. When necessary, collaboration with experts and other professionals will also be employed.

Criminal Attorney with the Experience

At every stage of your case, Basil Beck will remain a staunch advocate focused on your rights and your defense, leaving you with peace of mind that you have hired the best criminal lawyer in all of Montgomery County, PA. The Law Office of Basil Beck has experience in cases involving:

·         Conspiracy

·         Collusion

·         Assault

·         Accomplice Allegations

·         Forced Entry

·         Breaking and Entering

·         Juvenile Crimes

·         Weapons Charges

·         Armed Robbery and more.

It’s crucial that you know your rights and options after a criminal allegation. Depending on the facts concerning your case, Attorney Beck will seek to plea bargain to minimize charges, defeat charges in court, or minimize your sentence. The experience and knowledge that Attorney Beck has gained during his 20+ years of practicing criminal defense law means he knows how to best protect your rights and take appropriate measures and actions in your case.

Basil Beck will always take every necessary step to protect your best interests. As your case unfolds, you can trust that he will remain available to you to address any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

For a free consultation with regard to your case, call the best criminal lawyer in Montgomery County, PA at 610-239-8870. Feel free to visit online at, where you’ll find informative blog articles, testimonials from real clients and a complete list of practice areas. Find out what makes Attorney Basil Beck the best criminal lawyer in Montgomery County, PA by contacting his office today- you’ll be glad you did. Best Criminal Lawyer Montgomery County Pa